March 06, 2023

How to generate a Facebook / Meta Conversions API access token

by Justus

Much like the man who “was naturally a thirsty soul, and was soon tempted to repeat the draught” in Washington Irvings illustration, Meta has an insatiable thirst for your and your users’ data.
You are here, so you most likely want to give them some.

Step 1: Go to Events Manager

If you already know your pixel ID, this is the easiest way to get there is to go to the following URL and replace the [INSERT PIXEL ID HERE] with your pixel ID:[INSERT PIXEL ID HERE]/overview

If you don’t know your pixel ID, you can find it through the lefthand flyout menu like this by clicking on “Events Manager” and, from there, “Settings”:

Screenshot of the lefthand flyout menu on with a red outline highlighting 'Events Manager' and 'Settings'

Step 2: Generate the token

Once you’re in the Events Manager settings for your pixel, scroll almost all the way down to find the “Set up manually” section with the tiny link “Generate access token”:

Screenshot of the Events Manager settings for a pixel with a red outline highlighting the 'Generate access token' link

Click it and you’ll be given the token which you should copy and paste into your application or pass on to your developer.

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